titicaca experience

Taquile - Uros Titino

We leave La Casona early in the morning heading to one of the wonders of the planet; Titicaca Lake. We are headed bound to the Peninsula of Capachica where our journey begins. In the port of San Pedro we expect our boat, where we will embark to the Taquile Island. After about 40 minutes of sailing in the Titicaca appreciating the coarseness of it, we arrive at the island. At that point we will begin our hike to the top of the island to learn and appreciate the way the community of Taquile has managed to live in symbiosis with Titicaca Lake. We will have a wonderful lunch served by community members.

After finishing the delicious lunch we will begin the return on the other side of the island where we will have breathtaking scenery. On the beach our boat awaits to head to the floating islands of the Uros Titino again. After about 2 hours of sailing we reach the floating islands where we are greeted members of families who live there and invite us to explain what the Uros Islands are famous for.

After the explanation, we can perform various activities like playing volleyball with residents,climb to the lookout, buy crafts and appreciate the magical scenery offered by the lake.

We embark again to return to the peninsula of Llachon and appreciate the sunset on the lake. Finally, when the sun starts to hide behind the mountains, we return to the airport in the city of Juliaca or Lampa. Duration: 08:30 approx.

  • Bring water for the entire journey
  • Bring warm clothing
  • Bring cash to buy different crafts from different people along the way
  • Wear sunglasses
  • Sunscreen

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